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Cold Fusion Wallet

This client went through an extremely unnecessary long and tedious process with another global profession services firm who does not seem to understand the client’s business and the way it will be operating in Singapore. The client needs urgent guidance due to tight commercial timeline syncing back to its head office in Taiwan. Client was introduced to Startup Biz Consultants Singapore, seeks help and guidance from the team and their journey to setup a subsidiary company in Singapore were instantly resolved.

“It has been a pleasure working with Startup Biz over the past year. Their team consistently provided prompt and valuable responses to any questions or inquiries we had. Their dedication to customer service and support has been outstanding, ensuring that our needs were always met swiftly and effectively. We greatly appreciate the professionalism and expertise they brought to every interaction.”

am wilkson

A&M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama

Client has the intention to retire from their business but found out that the process was more complex than what they thought. For example, answering to audit requirements on the school’s accounts, closure of bank account, finalizing of accounts and their tax obligations to the tax authority. Client was also concern with obligations they need to serve from the government grants they received for the business. They were introduced to Startup Biz Consultants mid-way as it was getting way too much for them to handle and the previous service provider were basically sending them links and email instructions with no proper guidance. With proper step-by-step guidance and out of the scope assistance provided by the team, Margaret and Andrew need not fear anymore and avoided all the frustrations they faced towards the closure of their school. They are both now happily retired.    

“The Directors of A& M Wilkinson School of Music & Drama would like to thank yourself, Jason & your staff for the wonderful help and assistance given to facilitate the closure of our School. It was a very complex and mentally tiring journey before you were introduced to us.
Your prompt personal and sensitive approach enabled us to tackle the daunting prospect with confidence and ease through the most professional advice and direction.
We sincerely wish that we had been introduced to you earlier as this would have saved much unnecessary worry and confusion, and we now look forward to our retirement.”

Pls extend our thanks to your staff & accept our heartfelt good wishes for your future endeavours.

wine tech

Wine Tech

Client seeks extended guidance as alcohol is a regulated trade here in Singapore. Majority if the professional services firm in Singapore do not go beyond providing incorporation services, but Startup Biz Consultants Singapore will guide all clients beyond that to ensure they have what is needed to fully operate their business in Singapore legally. Starup Biz Consultants assisted with the incorporation of the company, trade license application, approval for operating premise for the business, Singapore Customs account activation, SFA license and the successful opening of a corporate bank account.

“We are a wine and spirits management company with the mission of bringing the high-quality products and related curated services to the market, head-quartered in Hong Kong. Since the excise duty rate for spirits in Singapore is simpler than HK, we decided to set up another branch in this multicultural country.

At the initial stage, we have no clue exactly how to start the process, especially when we have limited knowledge and understanding about Singapore’s legal system and company law. A friend introduces us to Startup Business Consultant. After a few calls with the team and meeting in Singapore, they became a very important role in my career life and our business, the company was incorporated since 2022 as a private limited company, it has been almost 2 years now. Quite frankly, Startup Biz Consultants is a corporate services firm that is genuine in helping their clients and entrepreneurs like me, it’s the one complete, reliable and trustworthy company to partner with.

I take this opportunity to thank you SBC team and appreciated for all your assistances. Cheers!”

regional trading

Regional Trading

I was foreigner working as a senior mechanical parts trader for an established global company in Europe until I was made redundant. Lost the job in Singapore and have limited time to figure a plan out as I would like to stay in Singapore and work in this region instead of going back to my home country. Was exploring my options and the obstacles I uncover just started to pile up more and more and time was running out for me. Got introduced to SBC through a fellow entrepreneur and found the answers that I was so desperately searching for!

The team provided an interim solution and also a long-term strategy to help me achieve what I wanted, that is when I incorporated my own business entity as a foreigner to do what I do best still here in Singapore. SBC basically took care of everything and they just make it look so easy and simple but frankly I know it is definitely not the case. Thank you team SBC!

HF IG - 68

eCommerce Marketplace Startup

We are a group of entrepreneurs coming together based on our specific skills set with the dream of starting our own business in Singapore after working for giants in our industry. After conducting intense research reading multiple websites we find online, we almost gave up the dream until we got introduced to Startup Biz Consultants (SBC). As we are all foreigners working in different parts of the world, it is nearly impossible for us to understand all applicable laws in Singapore and piece them all up into a big picture.

An hour’s phone call is what did wonders for all of us as the SBC team addresses everything we need to take note of, and is specific in terms of what potential challenges we will face as a startup setting up in Singapore as a foreigner. A clear step-by-step approach was drafted, and we simply have to follow closely under the guidance of the experienced SBC team to achieve what we wanted. The team is not only efficient, responsive but actually cares about what we are trying to do here in Singapore. Definitely glad we make an effort connecting to the team, so before losing all hope, I would encourage you to drop the SBC team a note.

HF IG - 68

Waste Management

We are an Australian company with actual business opportunities on hand and needed to setup a Singaporean business entity plus some intense legal advice on some matters to win those contracts. Spoken and got connected to many providers but most were not confident about taking our business as they were all not well verse in our industry. SBC took the challenge and help us incorporate our business entity in Singapore, they too connected us to some other 3rd party partners to help get our trademark registered and the legal advice we dearly seek in Singapore to help review some of the contracts we have on hand. The Team constantly checks in on us to ensure everything is in place and if we are well taken care of by their partners. Something that we totally did not expect at all but thanks to the connections and effort taken by the SBC team, we secure the contracts and started our journey extremely well on the first couple of years even though we are running the business remotely. We even managed to get some employment passes in place and successfully relocated some of us to Singapore to run the company after.

SBC took care of all compliance aspect of our Singapore business diligently since. Trustworthy partner to have alongside for sure!