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Changes in employment pass policy 2022

Singapore Permanent Residence Scheme for Singapore Work Pass Holders

Job postings will now be extended to 28 days.

As announced in August of last year, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has already tightened rules on advertising jobs to allow more Singaporeans to have priority access to local vacancies. This change was put into effect starting October 2020.

Firms will have to advertise jobs for foreign workers on for at least 28 days before they can apply for the new EP or S Pass. They used to only have to do it for 14 days.

Historically, the advertising rule applied only to EP-type jobs. But given COVID-19’s widespread economic devastation, MOM extended it to cover S Pass positions as well; these are some of the most heavily affected by this pandemic including hospitality workers and technicians.

This announcement was made together with another major change: raising the minimum qualifying salary for EP Pass and S Pass holders.

MOM has said that ICTs can only stay in Singapore for a limited time. When their work pass expires or is terminated, they will not be able to apply for another job in Singapore. The maximum term to work in Singapore for international talent is 5 years. Unlike other Employment Pass holders, they will not be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency

ICTs will not be allowed to bring their family members any more. This does not apply to people who are covered by a free trade agreement and meet the criteria for the pass. An example of this is Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

EP holders who want to work in Singapore now need a work pass instead of a letter of consent. They can apply for an S Pass or a work permit. If they are working under their current letter of consent, they can continue to do so. Once it expires, they will need to apply for the new work pass that is appropriate for

This change in policy means that employers need to adhere to the guidelines pertaining to hiring foreign employees should they want a DP.

DP holders can continue their business so long as they have jobs for Singaporeans or permanent residents. They should be a sole proprietor, partner, or director with at least 30% share in the business. Those who want to start a new business can apply for a letter of consent and make sure that they meet the other criteria.

What Does This Mean For You As An Employer?

You can still bring in qualified foreign professionals using the regular Employment Pass instead of the ICT route. You will not be exempted from the extended advertising rule under the Fair Consideration Framework, but there is more scrutiny for why you are bringing a foreign professional to Singapore.

Need Expert Advice?

Sometimes it is hard to process all of these changes without help. You might not get approved for your Visa if you make a mistake. SG Biz consultants can offer you an immigration solution even if you do not meet the EP criteria. You will need to contact them or email them for a free initial assessment too


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