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Singapore Employment Pass Scheme

Singapore Employment Pass Scheme

If your company has sent you to Singapore for work, you may qualify for one of the many available work visas. One option is an Employment Pass or EP. This article will cover when and how to apply for this work visa.

Things You Need To Know Before Setting Up A Company In Singapore

What is an Employment Pass?

The EP is a necessary permit for foreigners who want to work in Singapore. If you are holding an EP, you can live and work here as well as travel freely without having to apply for new visas regularly.

An Employment Pass gives you the authorization to work in Singapore for a set period of time. This card can be renewed and provides an easy way to apply for PR status.

How do I qualify for an Employment Pass?

To qualify for a Singaporean Employment Pass, you need to:

These are general guidelines, but the authorities review all Employment Pass applications before approving them. There is no limit to the number of EP’s that can be granted to a company in Singapore.

What documents do I need to apply for an Employment Pass?

In addition, applicants may need to supply additional documents as needed. Non-English documents must be translated to English for the application process.

How do I file my Employment Pass application, and how long will it take to process it?

There are two ways to file your Employment Pass application:

The processing time of your application may vary by several days or weeks. The variation is due to different factors such as the credentials of the Singapore company you are employed with, qualifications and availability of supporting documents.

How do I know if my Employment Pass has been approved, and how do I collect it?

When an Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) approves your Employment Pass application, they will send a letter of In-Principle Approval to your employer’s address. This IPA letter is valid for 6 months from the day it was issued.

Getting an Employment Pass from Singapore can be done in two steps. First, all you need is a copy of your IPA letter and passport to come visit Singapore. Then, once you collect your pass, you will receive a one-time entry visa so that you can re-enter the country for future visits after obtaining the pass.

You may be required to take a medical test before picking up your Singaporean Employment Pass, and this can be performed at established clinics or hospitals in either your home country or in Singapore.

If you applied for Dependent’s Passes and/or Long-Term Visit Pass Oncees parents at apply for the same Depend timeent, you’s can collect Pass thesees. and/or Long-Term Visit Passes, they can collect these together.

Do not make any relocation plans until you have received an In-Principle Approval for your work permit.

I have successfully obtained an Employment Pass. Can I bring my family to live with me in Singapore?

You can, if you draw a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$6000.

Spouses of successful Employment Pass holders can apply for a family visa called the Dependent’s Pass (DP) during or after the approval of the EP. DPs are approved automatically when applying with an EP and expires at the end of that visa.

Successful EP holders can apply for a Long-term Visit Pass with their partner. Partners of those receiving the pass need to be legally wed and have children who are unmarried, or 21 years or over. Unlike the Dual Protection (DP) Division works, LTVPs expire at the same time as the EP application is approved by authorities.

Parents of successful EP holders can also apply for the LTVP, but the successful EP holder needs to draw a minimum salary of S$12,000 (from 1 January 2018 onwards) in order for them to qualify. 

I was rejected for an Employment Pass. What should I do?

If you are refused an Employment Pass, we will work with the Ministry of Manpower to investigate for possible reasons as part of the appeal decision-making process.

Appeals are usually processed within 4-6 weeks and will likely be approved if new information submitted can address any initial concerns.

How do I renew my Employment Pass?

To renew an Employment Pass, you should submit and complete an application at least four weeks before your EP expires.

You will be notified of the approval decision within three (3) working days after we have assessed your application.

If approved, you may collect your new Employment Pass from MOM office or employer’s registered address approximately

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