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Company Secretary

From regulatory reporting to corporate advisory services, we help companies, big and small, handle their legal compliance both locally in Singapore and internationally with our corporate secretarial services. Whether you’re a start-up, growing private company or a multi-national firm looking to establish your presence in Singapore and abroad, we can help you seamlessly run a business in Singapore.

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Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

In addition to monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, a qualified company secretary Singapore who support the Company Secretarial Services also has the following responsibilities:

Board Meetings

Co-coordinating the operation of the company’s formal decision making and reporting machinery; formulating meeting agendas with the chairman and /or the chief executive; attending meetings, taking minutes; maintaining minute books; certifying copies of minutes and ensuring that correct procedures are followed.

General Meetings

Originating and obtaining internal and external agreement to all documentation for circulation to shareholders; co-coordinating the administration and attending of meetings, taking minutes and ensuring that correct procedure are followed.

Company Constitution

Ensuring that the company complies with its constitution and drafting/incorporating amendments in accordance with correct procedures.

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Maintaining Statutory Registers and Books:

Statutory Returms

Updating ACRA on:

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Report and Accounts

Coordinating the publication and distribution of the company’s annual report, accounts and interim statement, and the preparation of the directors’ report.

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Share Registration

Maintaining the company’s register of members, dealing with transfers and other matters affecting shareholdings and dealing with queries and requests from shareholders.

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Shareholder Communication

Communicating with the shareholders (i.e. through circulars), payment of dividends and interest, issuing documentation regarding rights issues and capitalization issues, general shareholder relations and relations with institutional shareholders and their investment protection committees.

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Share and Capital Issues, Transfers and Restructuring

Implementation of changes in the structure of the company’s share and loan capital and devising, implementing and administering directors’ and employees’ share participation schemes.

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Acquisitions and Disposals

Participating as a key member of the company team established to implement corporate acquisitions and disposals, protecting the company’s interests by ensuring the effectiveness of all documentation and that due diligence disclosures enable proper commercial evaluation prior to completion of a transaction.

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Corporate Governance

Reviewing developments in corporate governance and advising and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities, compliance with their personal obligations under company law and, if applicable, Stock Exchange requirements.

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Non-executive Directors

Acting as a channel for communication and information with non-executive directors.

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Company Seal

Ensuring the safe custody and proper use of the company seal if provided for in the company constitution.

ACRA Compliance Alert and Reminders

ACRA Compliance Alert and Reminders

SBCS is licensed to act as company secretary across our international offices. Our company secretariats and administrators can assist clients with the following: