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Incorporating a company in Singapore can be a simple process if you work with the right professional service provider. The basic requirements to setup a private limited company for example includes, but not limited to the following.

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1. Appointing a name company secretary.

It is a mandatory requirement for every Singapore private limited company to appoint at least one company secretary to ensure that the profile of the company is properly managed and compliant to the rules and regulations of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Singapore Company’s Act. The company secretary will also help with the preparation of a standard Constitution for the company, a register of registrable controllers, board resolutions, AGM documents and notices to all shareholders and management as part of her role.

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2. Appoint at least one resident director.

 It is mandatory for a Singapore private limited company to appoint a resident director who is a either a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or employment pass holder working for the same entity. This is an important appointment but commonly outsourced at the interim until the company is able to place the right candidate in place. The resident director will also facilitate key procedures like signing of board resolutions and opening of bank accounts.

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3. A registered business address..

This means the address must be registered for commercial use only and it is also the address that will be required during the incorporation application with ACRA. We can provide an address and also mailing services to help manage your postal mails by emailing them to you if you are remotely operating your business outside of Singapore.

Guide To Register a Company in Singapore in 2022

4. An operating corporate bank account.

Even if you can’t be physically here, we can help to facilitate the account opening application for you to ensure that you have everything in place and ready before sending in the application. The time taken can significantly different, as we will better prepare you for this exercise and have all required documents ready before hand.

We can assist you with the above and get your Singapore private limited company up and running in no time. It is a common practice to outsource all of the above quickly so that your business can focus on utilizing the Singapore legal entity to employ staff members, sign leases and more importantly enter into commercial contracts. Let us know what your plans are and we will provide free advisory on the best approaches customized to your plans and goals ahead.