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HR Managed Services

There are times where even the HR department will face certain resource crisis or in urgent need to close critical knowledge or operation gaps. That is why Startup Biz Consultants Singapore have developed a unique offering named HR Managed Services.

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Our services includes but not limited to the following:

HR Services in Singapore

Outsourcing of full HR department or function

As a business owner or entrepreneur, there are times where setting up your own HR function may not be a priority in comparison to getting your commercial plans executed.

Hence outsourcing the entire HR function will be an ideal and affordable choice to make. Not only will you have access to HR professionals, you can also ensure that rules and regulations are taken care of while you focus on getting the right people in place and deliver the results you

HR Services in Singapore

Secondment of temporary/contract HR employee.

Staff turnover and resource shortage is a common challenge for all businesses.

The HR department is not spared as well and have certain challenges to place the right people for the right job. At SBCS, we have readily deployable HR resources anytime. The service can be both short or long terms basis dependent on your requirement and job scope.

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Payroll and related compliance

Payroll can be a functional work that most companies outsourced to allow their HR resources to focus on what is critical and strategic. Here in SBCS, we leverage on best suited technology to process your payroll and payroll related elements like setting up a HRMS system, leave administration, benefits, expenses, annual income tax filing, CPF calculations, statutory government claims, time and attendance(OT & Time sheet). Manage the process with us and not get managed by the process.

HR Services in Singapore

Recruitment assistance and onboarding

Recruitment is never easy and even more complicated when HR have to coordinate between multiple hiring managers/divisions. We understand the pain and know the complications first hand, let us share that load and help smoothen the process.

We are able to assist with recruitment, coordinate interviews, gather feedbacks and work towards onboarding as a whole. Let us know your recruitment strategy is today!

HR Services in Singapore

Drafting of employee handbook, contract and policy.

We are to help draft an employee handbook, employment contract and HR policy that works inline with your company’s policy and also compliant to the Singapore employment law. Besides that, if you have a set of HR documents and policy that requires reviewing, we can help manage that project to ensure your company is free from any risk and remain compliant.

HR Services in Singapore

Host of employees or employee on records (EOR)

Fast expanding small regional businesses sometimes requires to get resources onboard quickly to deliver services/work before getting the legal entity is even ready. Consider hosting your employee with us on an interim basis or even long-term dependent on what your commercial strategy maybe. This is a common strategy adopted to solve critical situations which have help fast expanding business before they established a physical presence here in Singapore.

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HR knowledge guidance and consultations

If you have a HR project on mind but do not have absolute clarity on what other alternatives you can consider or seek help on structuring the project (e.g. retrenchment or merger, implementation of HR technology). Ley us share our expertise in these complex exercises and help you with developing a plan to better implement what you want to achieve. Your goal is what we will deliver.

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Work permits and employment passes applications

Getting a work permit or employment is more tricky these days with reference to the written rules and unwritten considerations that the authorities have. We have helped thousands of foreign employees and their companies secured work permits or successfully issuing of employment passes to key executives joining them here in Singapore. We know exactly what needs to be done and how to execute the right strategy dependent on the role, job scope and age of the candidate.